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The Penwood Co.

Excellence in all phases of landscape, hardscape design, installation and maintenance.




Based in Lancaster County PA, The Penwood Co. was founded in 1982 with two basic principles: quality and customer care. These two principles, bolstered by extensive backgrounds in education and experience, have earned us a reputation for providing the highest quality craftsmanship available and personalized service where our customers feel like family.

Since 1982, the scope of our projects has grown to include many residential and commercial interests. We handle all phases of a project and you can feel comfortable knowing that the Penwood representative you are talking with is going to be the one working on your project.


Once the design process is done and upon your approval, our team of professionals will come in and start making changes to your property to get you closer to your ideas!


At penwood we take care of the entire design process from start to end. Whether it is creating a blueprint or a 3D visual to help you better analyze your ideas, we have you covered!


At Penwood, we offer a wide variety of services from design, landscape planting, waterscapes to masonry work. We excel in quality, creativity, and care and can help you get your project done exactly the way you want it done!



Tel: 717-285-3804

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